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As a Maid Service Provider, have you ever arrived to a customer's home, you've bid for a certain quantity of time, or a particular job, and you get there, and there's additional work needed? What on earth do you do?

All right, now that is a sneaky concern, since we have allocated a particular quantity of time based on a person's house when we went to bid the preliminary contract? Now, when you get to a customer's home, and it's truly important to do this in advance, when you get to a client's house and you're walking through your house with the client. You have to ask the homeowner about this question, "Did you simply pick up your house before I arrived here, or is your house usually in this condition? If I provide you a rate based on this condition of the house, when I get here each time to clean up, I anticipate your home to be in this condition.

If I show up and there's spaghetti all over the kitchen area, or if there are toys all over the home, or there's laundry and things scattered about, and there's mess all over, it's going to take a lot more time than I'm bidding for right now. In the occasion that I get here and the home is simply trashed for whatever reason, and sometimes it occurs, I either need to charge you more money, or I need to simply clean up the mess and let that be the cleansing of the day. All right, then from day one, let's agree that when I get here, your house will be in this condition, since if you're showing up now, and the home keeps getting messier and messier, either the baby-sitter has to pick up the toys, or the home owner requires to pick up the toys, or the kid whose toys they belong to need to pick up the toys.

I do not actually care who it is, but unless they have specifically contracted you to pick up the clutter, then that requires to be a discussion that you have with the house owner, due to the fact that no one is paying you right now to choose up the clutter, and you have another house to clean when you're done here. If you have 2 or 3 homes in a day, whether you admit it or not, it's on a timed schedule.

When the time for that house is up, you can't keep remaining and cleaning, since then you lose profits from the next home you're expected to go clean. When I bid the job, your home was in this condition, and now that I've arrived, every time there's more and more mess.

I did not budget the mess time into the task and the price that I provided you. Would you like me to charge you more at a higher rate and require time far from another customer so that I can broaden your window of time, or would you like to pick up the clutter prior to me arriving?"

Now, a lot of people when you give them the option, they do not wish to pay the extra money, since home cleaning is not inexpensive, and they can easily get their own toys, or teach their children to put things away after they're done. I've seen very, very tiny children that are well-trained to put their toys away when they're done playing. It is an easily leaned lesson, and it's something a mother or father can learn themselves and teach their kids. Then children can help parents save that additional money rather than pay it to the maid service.

It's just a discussion you need to have. Don't worry about if they're going to be offended.

It's an offensive conversation. "Your house is a mess, you employed me. I'm here, I brought options. I need to assist you, you require to assist me understand what those services are. In between the two of us, we can probably come up with some really excellent solutions for your house." However the two of you need to decide that. Anyway, good luck with that.

Up until next time, leave the world cleaner than when you found it.

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